Accompanying Vanguards for Their
Digital Transformation Journey

Accompanying Vanguards for Their Digital Transformation Journey

Successful RPA journey includes identifying the
automation possibilities. Can your business processes
be automated? Consult RPAnts experts to know.

Successful RPA journey includes identifying the automation possibilities. Can yourbusiness processes be automated? Consult RPAnts experts to know.

Which Processes Can Be Automated?

High In Volume


Mature And Stable

Having Low Exception

High ROI Potential

Readable Inputs

Processes RPAnts Have Automated So Far

Loan Disbursement
Process Automation


The loan department receives loads of loan applications via their Regional Executives and Customer Support team. These applications sent in mail, have to be cumulated together and processed. Analysing and processing the applications is a rule-based, repetitive task for the employees and has no scope of much human innovation.


The automated solution – implemented with virtual bots – is able to complete the tasks in less than 3 minutes – that’s a 92% reduction in execution time. This solution not only improves the turnaround time but the loan department is able to process 10x the number of applicants within the same time with 100% accuracy. With only 1 technician to support the bot, support resources required for the business is significantly lower, which leads to phenomenal cost savings.

Invoice Processing


Invoice processing carries certain
challenges including usages of different formats like paper copy, fax, email, PDF, Word doc, etc. It’s a tedious task to generate invoices for half a million clients when you have various exception rules and different billing Calculations. It forces the financial department to extract data from


In our recent deployment, the first task we automated was to get all the data from various locations at a single source. Some of these data had to be retrieved from mail, some from the organization's website, others from our client’s database. All the exception rules for invoice calculations were made dynamic and any future changes in these rules could be achieved by a simple change in config file. The process was completely automated, scheduled to run once every month, not only generated the invoice for all clients but also notified them via email with their respective invoices attached.

Sales Orders
Processing Automation


Sales staff spend a hefty amount of time feeding data to the CRM and ERP systems. On the other hand, the finance and accounting department replicate this data and enter it into other modules or systems. Such practices are prone to data duplication errors and reduce organizational efficiency.


RPA software tools have deliberately integrated the gap between sales and the financial department. Robots have proven to help maintain a clean database where there is no room for data duplicacy and error.

Reconciliation Automation


Reconciliation is among the most tedious tasks the accounting department has to perform. The employees have to manually verify records and balances for accuracy by comparing records from different sources in different formats.


Software bots have automated data extraction from various sources in various document formats including bills or bank statements. It increased accuracy and reduced the time consumed in finding and approving matching orders.

Integration Automation


From commercial enterprise applications to legacy custom-developed applications, organizations tend to maintain several data housing systems. These systems can be located on-premise or on cloud. Hence, these systems lack integration with each other and employees need to spend a lot of time managing data on these systems.


The RPA solution facilitated the data integration (sharing) between information portals. The software robots were efficient enough to link all the organizational applications to provide employees quicker access to the organizational data.

Management Automation


Due to local statutory and compliance requirements, HR departments face several challenges while standardizing the payroll process. The repetitiveness also causes data inaccuracy and payment delays.


RPA bots have enabled data consistency across several systems throughout the organization. The system is capable of automating paycheck creation, administering benefits and reimbursements.

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